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in our work. all of us here today understand that it is the duty of adults to protect children and to immediately report any suspected child sex abuse to law enforcement authorities. our team was reminded of this on a daily basis because henderson south, which was our base on the penn state campus, was the former child care center, with some of the children's artwork still there. on november 21st, the special investigations task force established by the board of trustees retained us to conduct a full, fair and completely independent investigation. i commend ken frasier, chairman of the task force, and ron tomalis, the vice chairman of the task force, for the steps their took in this investigation. to conduct this investigation we assembled an outstanding team of former law enforcement lawyers, one of whom is a former navy seal, and officials including former prosecutors, fbi agents, pennsylvania and delaware state police officers with many decades of experience in conducting sensitive investigations, especially crimes against children. i am pleased to be joined this morning by
cowardly act to do this, and when he stands before us some day and tries to explain the unexplainable, man versus man, we've got one more person who got his hands on weapons he shouldn't have got his hands on, but the question is why act out this day, this time, and who knew about this man? was it mental health issues or was it something far more sinister that led him to commit this terrible act? >> clint, i want you to stand by because we do have one of the witnesses of this incident on the phone with us right now. joining us is quentin caldwell. he was in the theater next door when the shooting happened. quentin, thanks for speaking to us. what do you remember? >> we went to the premier, and like you said, everybody had been anticipating this for a while, so it was a very full house. many children, young teens, guys like myself, stuff like that. we were just sitting there watching the movie, and about 15 minutes in, suddenly there's a gun fight on screen, it's the part where we're going to see batman, and everybody is excited and into the movie. suddenly we just hear a loud pop, pop, pop
. the romney campaign is trying to generate a line of attacks of its own using the president's own words against him. check out this latest video. >> if you've been successful, you didn't get there on your own. you didn't get their on your own. i'm always struck by people who think it must be because i was so smart. >> president obama, you're killing us. through hard work and luck we built this business. why are you demonizing us for it? >>> political reporter for the atlantic and jackie kucinich. good morning to both of you. >> hi. >>> romney and his tax returns, this won't go away. is anything going to put it to rest? >> i think what will put it to rest is something else for us to talk about and rehash. since romney is not budging from his stance that he will not release more than the two years, although i do think it's significant that it's going to come up again when he does finally release that 2011 tax return that so far it's only an estimate. there will be more for us to chew on even if he doesn't release more tax years of his returns. but i think it's just going to be events over
rest is something else for us to talk about and rehash. since romney is not budging from his stance that he will not release more than the two years, although i do think it's significant that it's going to come up again when he does finally release that 2011 tax return that so far it's only an estimate. there will be more for us to chew on even if he doesn't release more tax years of his returns. but i think it's just going to be events overtaking this if romney chooses to stand in his position. >> the calculation is approximate we don't release them, eventually it will go away and it's summer, people aren't paying that close of attention anyway? >> yeah. people will get bored of this. it will start to seem repetitive. the attacks will be exhausted, all the speculation. inevitably, something else will happen somewhere else in the world. there will be an e decided on that. it will be decided on who is going to turn the economy around and how are jobs going to come back to america. >> when you look at the latest . is this something the media is fixated on or could the numbers be signi
a matter of two hours ago. chuck todd still with us. chuck, he talked about the jobs report. he also mentioned the issue of health care. he was really trying to touch on the issues that might energize the base and the undecideds. he took eight or nine questions which he normally doesn't. >> let's start with health care. boy did he pivot as fast as he could. questions specifically about the president's charge. that was a striking charge for him in an interview that aired earlier from ohio where he said mitt romney changed his position on the mandate whether it's a tax or not due to pressure from the conservative wing of the republican party. he basically answered the question the same way he answered for years. what i thought was right for massachusetts was in massachusetts. i never said it should be done federally. he pivots back to the economy as if to say that didn't work for me and i am not going to relitigate. a few things caught my eye in the remarks. mitt romney has to sell gloom and pessimism. the president has to sell optimism. you are seeing the two striking visions on the l
roots. this is government taking over the insurance industry. the americans want us to move on. >> is the fight over? >> as far as we are concerned the victory is there for the american people. >> it will be an issue. a big issue in the fall election. >> in congress, the house will vote next week to repeal health care and republican governors are vowing not to implement the law. part of the message, the surest way to get rid of health care is to get rid of the president and elect mitt romney. let me bring in washington bureau chief and political analyst david corn. good morning. >> good morning, chris. >> for republicans what is the political calculation here? aren't they preaching to the converted? >> it is about getting the route up. you have this big split between the congressional republicans and this guy named mitt romney, their likely candidate. we saw moments ago, eric fern strom on chuck's show saying this whole issue of obama care being a tax is not true. it's a penalty. >> i will interrupt you right there. let's set it up again. this has been the mantra since the heal
. >> is this a message from the romney campaign to members of congress? get off of this. this is hurting us. we want to talk about the economy? >> i'm not sure it's an etch a sketch moment, but it's a mr. potato head moment. it sets up this divide. they want to call for the tax and go for repeal. he doesn't want to call it a tax. when it comes to the issue of repeal, most of the internal provisions of obama care rank between 60 and 80% in popularity. the republicans are going to come racing in and throw kids off their parents's plans and go back to preexisting conditions and get rid of the donut hole payment for seniors. i think that romney, i know he is for repeal, but i don't think he wants to campaign on getting rid of all those things yet it helps congressional candidates get their base out and rile things up. >> that's the interesting point. let me bring in susan paige. what do you think is going here to have eric a few minutes ago saying i side with the president on this and so does mitt romney? >> it shows the difficult we have because it was once the signature achievement. now he doesn't wan
where you have words that can be used against you. i think this is probably one area that maybe romney does have to come forward and show there is full transparency. allowing this election to become a back and forth, guerella w warfare is what he has to get back to. he has to show people how everybody is successful in this country. not getting an argument about who is paying how much in taxes. >> i have to say that there is this perception about this campaign about how nasty it's become and the obama camp says the romney campaign has officially gone off the deep end. on the other hand, chris, john mccain, when he was responding to the controversy yesterday about his comments says basically we're going to gutter politics. they, the obama camp, should be ashamed. is there a risk in this? >> there is a risk if the voters see it as a substantive point or doesn't go to the heart of the issues are you talking about. the issue of taxes, it does go to the issues we're talking about. it goes to the credibility of the candidate. it goes if you fight for the middle class and if you understand the
chris and john with us this morning. good morning. >> good morning. >> john, we have this long list of high profile republicans who are saying romney should release taxes and get it behind him. there are reports that people in his camp are divided about this. do you think the national review is right as his position is now unsustainab unsustainable? >> i think they should have addressed this a week ago or two weeks ago. every day that they are talking about this is a day they are not framing the race. >> it is the drip, drip, drip, right? >> it is, but it takes them off the game showing this president has been a failure and mitt romney has a vision of where to take this country. that is where they are have to return the campaign to. not tax returns and not bain. it is important that they make a mark in the sand today and look at camera and say i'm not playing that obama game anymore. we're moving on whether they do or not. >> one of the things he says, chris, is look, the problem for me is what's going to happen is no matter what's in the tax returns, they will make something of it.
. and rick, since you are here in colorado and know the law, let us know what's going to happen today. this is not an arraignment. >> no, not an arraignment. it's a first appearance or initial advisement. what's going to happen is mr. holmes will be advised of the charges that he is being investigated for. for our knowledge, he hasn't even been charged. so it's simply an indication of what they're looking at right now. >> in colorado, they have 72 hours to officially file charges, is that right? >> yeah, they have three business days, and that time can be extended either by agreement of the parties or the court on its own can extend that time if if necessary. >> so, obviously, larry, this is just the beginning of what's going to be a very long process. here we have somebody who was seen by dozens, hundreds of witnesses, picked up at the scene in body armor, directed police, they say, to an apartment that was booby trapped. this is not a question of, was he the guy, as much as, right now, is he competent to stand trial. would that be a fair assessment? >> we have both competency and ev
, that uses a clip from a speech where he said, if you've been successful, you didn't get there on your own. his campaign reinforced his defense in a new web video. >> romney's not telling the truth about what the president said, and is taking the president's words out of context. >> i want to bring in "washington post" opinion writer and msnbc contributor jonathan capehart and the atlantic's national political reporter, molly ball. good morning to both of you. and jonathan, you've heard this message before from the president. but perhaps this one time it wasn't expressed in the best way. what do you think here? is this something that the obama campaign will need to worry about going forward? >> well, clearly they're concerned about it, at least, because the president addressed it in his event yesterday. so, you know, it's one of those things that was maybe inartfully said, but, you know, fundamentally, it was true. and i believe it's the obama campaign that has put out a commercial or at least i've seen the clips, of mitt romney saying virtually the exact same thing to, i believe it was to
they'll both be wishing the u.s. olympic teams well. a little awkward, perhaps? >> i think jonathan is right, this is not the place for politics when you're attending the olympic ceremonies and you're on foreign soil. romney, of course, will be getting a lot of attention for his role in the olympics in 2002, which is generally a positive story for him. i think he'll be evoking a lot of those memories as he attends the olympics in london. i don't think michelle obama is going to take the occasion to beat him up for any of his other foreign policy or for his record on the olympics. i think this is going to be a moment of comity. and let's not forget that there's another reason for this trip for romney. he's going to be collecting a lot of checks as well. it's a big fund-raising trip for him as well overseas. >> that's right. some fund-raising going on there. thank you very much, molly ball and jonathan capehart, as always. >>> two survivors of the aurora movie theater shooting have been released from the hospital in colorado today, but there are still about 12 people in the hospital w
. >> if you are pointing out the differences, is it easier for mitt romney to use the president's record against him? >> that's what he is trying to do. mitt romney wants to talk about the economy and what he calls the president's failed policies. how the nation is caught in an economic trap and that the president try and failed to pull the economy out of the trap. mitt romney is going to go that route and incumbents whether it's president obama or any other is focused on the future and if you listen to the president's reelection message, it's give me four more years to continue to pull us out of this deep economic hole. we are making progress, but i need more time. >> that's a key differentiator here. are you looking at the past or the future? among independent voters, 35% said obama's first term would weigh more heavily on their vote and 49% said it was the prospect of his second term. that would seem, susan to bode well for the president. >> the president though owns what happens with the economy. we have seen the jobs numbers have been disappointing and that's why the president tried
and against protocol acknowledged he had a meeting with the against agency. peter alexander joins us live in london. he's been following the story for us. peter, pretty safe to say mitt romney has not been generating the guide of headlines his campaign had envisioned. >> reporter: richard that's exactly right. let's be really clear. this campaign trip for romney, his first trip overseas during the course of the campaign was designed to again rapist positive publicity for the candidate to show him as a statesman, in addition to his experience in working on the stage in salt lake city in 2002. >> developments here in the uk and across europe and across the world. >> okay. nbc's peter alexander there live in london, following mitt romney as he's on his multicountry tour, i believe we have him back. peter alexander, are you here? >> reporter: yeah, we're having some technical difficulties maybe from all the celebrations going on in the background. check out this headline from the daily mail it reads who invited party pooper romney. mitt the twit. he's dialing this all back. again he was on th
is competing in the dressage event. romney leaves with us on the back of the plane heading to israel tomorrow and then on monday, richard, to warsaw, poland. >> nbc's peter alexander with governor mitt romney. thank you. let's bring in matt welch and sharon topliz. good morning to you both. matt, you were chuckling along the way as you were listening to some of the set up for this segment. i guess no matter which way you look at this you have to chuckle in what's happened with mitt romney so far. this was thought to be a slam dunk for the governor and so some folks are asking is he ready for the world stage? >> it's definitely a bunch of unforced errors. i think that in the long haul no one will be talk about this. if romney loses by one percentage point in november nobody will bring up the olympics. series of unforced errors to be sure. it will be forgotten as obama's trip to copenhagen in 2009, he went to get the olympics for chicago and ended up looking foolish. we'll come back to what this election is about which is the economy. >> we're at halftime. 100 days to go. first quarter. >> it's
can do in his campaign is attack me? i think it's finally time for us to talk about his record, the kind of failure he's had in being able to create jobs. >> and you may have heard that romney has also demanded that president obama apologize for the attacks. >> first of all, you're not going to apologize. >> no, we won't be apologizing. sometimes these games are played during political campaigns. understand what the issue is here. mr. romney claims that he's mr. fix it for the economy because of his business experience, and so i think voters entirely legitimately want to know, well, what exactly was that business experience. >> i want to bring in nbc latino contributor and fellow at the university of texas victoria soto and former newt gingrich spokesman rick tiler. good morning to both of you. >> goo todd morning. >> mitt romney didn't say anything in this interview and to be fair they didn't ask about the timing of when he was at baines. "the new york times" headline reads, and this is really where a lot of us are getting caught in this, in tracing romney's role at bain, a co
about how the republican program of austerity is causing us to lose public sector jobs. the reality is we've gained an anemic public sector but losing private sector jobs. i haven't heard him say anything for the public heroes of the police department and fire department and people who make sure our roads are drivable. i mean, he's diskeked. that's the problem. not just that he's rich but rich and alienated from most people. >> we just got confirmation. i want to get a quick reaction from you that the romney campaign raised $106 million in union. they've got $160 million cash on hand. does that concern you? >> yes, it does concern me. i still believe our superior numbers will overcome their superior dollars. we have to knock on doors. we've got to go across america. we've got to get to that 10% in the middle who has every reason to see a successful america, which we won't have if romney is the president. yeah, i'm worried about their money but i'm mother worried about mobilizing grassroots of americans who need this government to work and need america to be successful. >> it's great
of financial strategy for the wealthy has meant for the rest of us here in this country that i think is very relevant to this conversation. >> one of the attack dogs, traditional role for the vice president is joe biden. let me play a little clip of what he had to say yesterday. >> he wants you to show your papers, but he won't show us his. it's kind of fascinating. >> a two-for there. he hits on immigration and tax returns at the same time. >> yeah, he was speaking to a conference of hispanics in las vegas and very clever line. very catchy. very good way of sort of bringing this together with something that resonates with hispanic voters. i think karen is exactly right. democrats have been very good at getting all on the same page with their talking points and driving a consistent message. of course, both parties do this. the romney campaign and the republicans send out talking points, too, but they haven't been able to push a consistent message quite as consistently over the course of this campaign. and so we are seeing romney. i hear from a lot of republicans they want him to find a way t
to israel demonstrates solidarity and commitment and a vision for u.s. there. back four years ago when candidate obama was there, he had a two-fold vision. accelerate the peace process and confront iran. with diplomacy, a lot of big sticks and a lot of big carrots. the carrots have not worked out, but the sticks are starting to work. they are tougher and more international and one of the things is he is a candid and forceful and factual evaluation of the policy. the obama administration makes the case that it works steadily on sanctions and they are tougher than they were and beginning to have a color effect on the life and the way the government views the ability of sanctions to change their behavior. romney will have to confront that. >> there two things at play. one is the reality of putting your plan out there and differentiate yourself as a candidate, but the optics as well. >> very much about optics and as major said, showing commitment. remember this. mitt romney is only going to israel for two days. he took a week long trip to afghanistan and jordan and israel. this is more jus
with the wto against china saying that china is manipulating on u.s. auto. specifically a jeep plant here in the toledo area. it's something that will resonate with the folks here. as you have mentioned, mitt romney is launching a strong counter attack to tim palenty and bobby jindal will argue that the economy is stag nating and that the unemployment rate has been above 8% for 40 months and the debt has gone up and those are the things you expect to hear from the romney camp. when you look the ohio and pennsylvania, president obama won both of these states in 2008 and a recent poll shows that he is leading right now with mitt romney, but of course the big question, the big uncertainty in this election is the economy. we have the jobs report that comes out on friday. the last support shows that the unemployment rate ticked up. president obama really can't afford for that trend to continue with just four months until election day. everyone watching that jobs report. >> following the president, thank you. joining me now "washington post" columnist and contributor and the grio's editor. kris
same stops as the president. tell us about stop number one where you are in ohio. >> reporter: that's right. we are here in mommy, ohio. president obama won this county in 2008 and hoping to hold on to it again in 2012. the theme of this entire trip is betting on america. you will hear president obama tout what he sees as accomplishments on the economy and the auto bailout, a theme that resonates with voters here in the rust belt. he will continue his line of attack against mitt romney as an out of touch corporate raider and the recent articles that claimed mitt romney out sourced to other countries when he was in business and holds offshore accounts. those are claim that is the romney campaign pushed back on. the big announcement today which is president obama will be announcing that has administration will file an unfair trade complaint with the wto against china saying that china is manipulating on u.s. auto. specifically a jeep plant here in the toledo area. it's something that will resonate with the folks here. as you have mentioned, mitt romney is launching a strong counter at
by this campaign. one recent survey said people were using the word exhausted to describe how they felt about this campaign and keep in mind it's still only july. the worst of this is likely yet to come in between september and november. so i think the risk here for both sides is that, you know, congress is not very popular right now. folks are sick of candidates talking like this in what they're perceiving to be personal nasty ways. >> hang on right now. want to bring in texas republican senator kay bailey hutchison. good to you have on the program again. >> thank you. >> you've seen a few campaigns in your day. there have been a few articles written just today about the escalation of this war of words on both sides. do you think there's a risk for both mitt romney and barack obama? >> i do think that there is a risk. the american people are tuning out all this riff raf that's going on in the campaigns right now. they want to know what is the future? what is mitt romney going to do that's going to change barack obama's disastrous economic policies? and mitt romney is trying to get the word o
this morning that this was leaked to drudge because they wanted to get us talking about this and not about bain. >> that's right, sort of a diversion from bain and all of these attacks. but i do think, even the mention of condoleezza rice does speak to the fact that the other people on the short list don't have the foreign policy of credentials that she has like them or maybe you don't like them, because they're too tied with bush. i think a lot of people on this list would be a tim pawlenty or a bob jindal. mitt romney if he goes with the governor, he could be -- entirely to president obama and vice president biden. >> meanwhile you do have the romney campaign that's been on the fence about bain and we're going to talk more about this later. also when it comes to tax returns and bill clinton was the -- let me play that from savannah guthrie's interview. >> it's not for me, i love policy, i love public service. i'm awfully happy doing what i'm doing. >> obviously that condoleezza rice, do we have the bill clinton sound? we don't have it. basically bill clinton said get it out there. there is th
wte use. e otr onwe'r lking avidaxelrod, duvall patrick's campaign rightefore he ran. barack obama's campaign in 2008. and youxpecimo b --e was toet bk itheriva seor, t wllee wha happs wh the predentomes ocki on his do. >> key pyersn thromn whe house. beth mers probay t one th'slose t mt roey, tsidof oious hisife d sonshe'een wit him f a t years, she cld b expected to come to the white house in a powerful position. just simply give the governor the kind of advice that h was, theind rimmed do, ncis ias t mak disio r. >>ou ao hav the2012 political activists, and i love the story about mtrose, i hed tt has staucks coee s tim ay. 'suyhat works out of the headquarters office, he's very concerned about the details of the campaign, he's not travelina lo wh mi roey, 's u a cong,7 yes d, he bee i publan cclesespi tha age r so timnow. -- the sky'imitor hiut e te is t litorm. virgia dsn't all youo run r aeconte, sou uld pectoee bob mcdonald moving on trying to find a place the obama admintration. >> top t celritis y lo ahea >> jan lyn homeut on e sce. fro "glee"? >> a great comedian, she's
Search Results 0 to 33 of about 34 (some duplicates have been removed)